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Mediation Services

We provide proven and helpful negotiation strategies to enhance claim resolutions at mediations.

Coverage Experts

We provide assistance through review of policy language, coverage analysis, and claim-specific application. 

Claim Insights, Inc.

​​​​​With several decades of experience handling and managing the largest and most complex bodily injury liability claims for major insurance carriers, we offer an unmatched wealth of knowledge and an unparalleled dedication to achieving optimum claim resolutions, by providing testifying and non-testifying expertise.  Claim Insights, Inc. also provides services for insurance agency related matters.

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​ "Let Our Experience Benefit You!"


Claim Insights, Inc. was created in 2010 as a product of our desire to deliver a unique set of the highest quality professional advisory services to personal injury attorneys, defense attorneys, and claim professionals who are involved in the difficult, but extremely important, process of resolving insurance claims.


After each having spent over 24 years working for major insurance companies, our two primary consultants decided to bring their knowledge, skills, specialized techniques and insights together to benefit the claims community at large.  In the course of their insurance company careers, Susan Kaufman and Mark Murray were each responsible for managing and resolving all manner of large and/or complex claims, including wrongful death and catastrophic injury cases.  They also oversaw countless coverage cases and were responsible for analyzing and resolving claims involving allegations of bad faith.  

Since the inception of our company, we have assisted in the analysis and resolution of hundreds of claims worth many millions of dollars.  In addition, we have helped resolve a large number of coverage conflicts, and we have provided expert opinions on numerous cases involving potential extra-contractual exposure.  It is our sincere desire that you will give us an opportunity to let our experience benefit you and your clients! 

​"Let Our Experience Benefit You!"

Large Loss Consultants

We can analyze, evaluate, strategize  and/or negotiate large, complex damage cases to help optimize claim resolutions. 

Claim Handling Experts

We are experts (testifying and non-testifying) in good faith claim handling, industry standards, and agency matters.

Claim Insights, Inc.